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For our out-of-town parties we highly recommend you obtain your measurements from a professional at a men's store and submit them here.  Out of town measurements are usually taken at no charge unless you go to a big box store.  A printable version of this form is located below so you know what measurements to ask for.  However, if you are unable to find a professional in your area, we have provided a video to help you take your measurements.  If you do not have a tape measure, please contact us at and we will send you one. 

                                       Printable Measurement Submission Form

Your Name:                                            Phone:                                          

Address:                                                  Email:                                                     

Groom’s Name:                                      Date of Wedding:                         

Height:                        Weight:             

Coat Size:                    Chest:                          Overarm:                   

Neck:                           Sleeve (outseam)                

Waist:                          Pants Outseam:                            Hip:           

Vest size:                                       Shoe Size:                   

Age if measurements are for a child:            

Please submit your measurements one of the following ways:
Our website: under “Out-of-Town Measurements” tab
Call in:  (302) 737-1519
Fax:  (302) 738-4425